Rack Steering Systems

A unique back mount system that allows fast and easy installation. Available in Standard rack and No-Feedback options. Fits a standard 3/4'' keyed tapered steering shaft.

Safe-T Steering Systems

Are built with an emphasis on safety, durability, and performance. Available in Standard and No-Feedback units. The No-Feedback systems are effective in eliminating torque feedback in the helm providing greatly improved handling.

Hydraulic Steering

A Sea Star hydraulic steering system provides a smooth, reliable, positive response at the wheel. A very efficient approach to steering a boat. Several helm options are available to customize steering to individual driving preferences.


Helms are available in standard or commercial grade. The commercial grade helm contains a stainless steel shaft. Standard helms are made with aluminum shafts.

Teleflex steering systems


Kobelt products

Kobelt push-pull cable controls are available for single engine, twin engines and dual station applications. Kobelt Controls are manufactured in corrosion resistant bronze, brass and stainless steel.

Koblet equipment

Kobelt Hydraulic steering cylinders are manufactured in corrosion resistant bronze, brass, and stainless steel with outstanding performance durability.

Kobelt Helm pumps are manufactured in corrosion resistant bronze and stainless steel except for the bearings, pistons and pintle made of hardened steel. Some models are offered in a powder coat finish.