2018 Mercury Boats 280 Dynamic

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Mercury Boats
280 Dynamic



Best of Both Worlds

Integrated hull and transom for extra strength and stability. Extra cargo room. Ideal strength to weight ratio.

  • Fabric: Achilles HP, Haku PVC
  • Color: Gray, White
  • Overall length: 8' 10" (270 cm)
  • Overall beam: 4' 9" (145 cm)
  • Inside length: 6' (183 cm)
  • Tube diameter: 15" (381 mm)
  • Load capacity: 805 lbs (365 kg)
  • Maximum engine weight: 88 lbs (40 kg)
  • Maximum horsepower: 8
  • Shaft length: 15" (381 mm)
  • Passenger capacity: HP: 4; PVC: 4
  • Number of air chambers: 3
  • Weight: HP: 89 lbs (40 kg); PVC: 82 lbs (37 kg )
  • Fabric thickness: PVC: 0.03" (0.85 mm); HP: 0.03" (0.84 mm )
  • Tube pressure (psi / bar): 3.6 (1.63)
  • Seat: Yes
  • Carrying bag: Yes
  • Two oars or paddles: Yes
  • Fusing Reliability and Performance: Each model features a laminated fiberglass hull. Molded with vacuum injection technology so the hull and transom become one piece of incredible marine technology.
  • Solid and Stable: Sturdy design. Rigid construction. And hull strength that holds its own when compared head-to-head with conventional craft. All with the exceptional stability of an inflatable boat.
  • End the Storage War: The Dynamic RIB is made to last. Durable down to the last detail. And with an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, it can hold all the cargo you need to make your excursion a success.
  • 5-Year PVC Warranty: Mercury Inflatable PVC boats offer one of the best guarantees in the market including a 5-year limited warranty on the Haku fabric and air-holding thermowelded seams giving you assurance of our commitment to quality.
  • 10-Year HP Warranty: Mercury Inflatable HP boats offer the best guarantee in the market including a 10-year limited warranty on the Achilles fabric and air-holding seams giving you assurance of our commitment to quality.
Features & Benefits
  • Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Seat: All Mercury Inflatable Boats feature a durable FRP seat to eliminate cracking, decay and slivers.
  • Bow Handles: Extra handles inside the tube provide a more secure grip as well as additional holding points.
  • Oarlock System: The oarlock system design has been redesigned so the oars can be fixed in a simple and secure way. (HP model shown)
  • Lifting Handles: The boats are equipped with contemporary lifting handles that also can be used as efficient rope holders. (HP model shown)
  • Fabric-Wrapped Transom: The fabric-wrapped transom protects against cracking and decay. All transoms are made waterproof by wrapping the transom with fabric, which ensure greater durability compared to traditional plywood transoms.
  • Double Tear-Drop Rub Strake: The double tear-drop rub strake helps to reduce splashing and provide your boat with better shock resistance.
  • Drain Plug: The inside drain valve provides you the luxury of draining from the inside, quickly and easily.



Max HP
8 hp


Length Overall
8 ft. 10 in. (270 cm)
4 ft. 9 in. (145 cm)
Dry Weight
HP: 89 lb. (40 kg); PVC: 82 lb. (37 kg )
Max Person Capacity
HP: 4 persons; PVC: 4 persons
Max Carry Load
805 lb. (365 kg)

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